Get Into Flow

Flow, that elusive state of extreme productivity. Here are 10 ideas to help you achieve the state of flow.

  1. Eat a delicious salad.  With steak.
  2. Be happy. Don’t have any lingering arguments with the people in your life. Arguments sap your mental and emotional energy.
  3. Go somewhere new. Loud is good. If you can get into flow in a loud place you’ll have the focus to stay in flow for a long time.
  4. Have other important things going on. Ignore them briefly while you’re flowing. This increases the desperation to get focused and productive quickly.
  5. Do something. Anything. Starting is the thing.
  6. When you’re halfway through sometimes you’ll hear a whisper of the “real world” trying to sneak in to distract. Push back against this.
  7. Before starting, take a walk to get your blood moving and your heart pumping.
  8. Stimulate your creativity by writing, drawing or playing a musical instrument… anything creative helps.
  9. Stuck? Shake things up. Go wild – run down the street. Switch desks. Make a change.
  10. Turn your phone off. Delete the Facebook app. Ignore it – you’re flowing. Nothing. Stops. You.

Startup On the Side

Here are my thoughts on a transition plan from full-time employment to full-time unemployment; also known as becoming a founder of a startup.

  1. Never sign an anti-moonlighting or non-compete agreement – ever. Never sign a blanket IP assignment agreement.
  2. Find the smallest iteration you can do. Do it.
  3. Iteration zero: plan the first four weeks of development.
  4. 1 hour of focus each weeknight, 2 on Saturday. 0 on Sunday.
  5. Consider learning to be productive time. This includes reading books.
  6. Create a quiet space in which to work. Have a family? Include them in the planning so everyone has a voice and catches the vision.
  7. Write down on paper and post in your offline life somewhere: “Life is a marathon not a sprint – pace yourself.”
  8. Sleep well, eat well, don’t drink. No sugar, no pop, no diet pop, no candy. You need mental focus.
  9. Maintain old and foster new relationships. Life is relational not just task oriented.
  10. Don’t give equity away. Everyone’s time has the same value no matter what role they play. $200/hr, $100/hr, $50/hr – doesn’t matter what you choose when everyone is the same.  More is probably better later.

Mount Everest, Private Social Networking and Story Telling

  1. A private social networking tool to allow mega-connectors to map out their social graph (yes, graphically).  Think relationship discovery tool through graph visualization.  Hyper connectors can find new ways to connect their relationships together. Sigma
  2. (related) Voice recognition conversation analyzer that maps social connections by listening to story telling.
  3. Story telling software that uses interviews and writer-supplied programmed techniques to automatically write biographies and life stories.  SAAS?
  4. Ebook about how to find abundance all around oneself.
  5. Motivational ebook about goal setting and goal achieving.
  6. Ebook about Mount Everest and the Mount Everest’s we face in life.
  7. Formulate a working plan for helping the homeless in my community.
  8. (related) Create a script for asking, “What is your story?” when breaking the ice with the homeless and pan-handlers.
  9. Dream Big. Come up with big ideas, then give them an exponential boost.  Assume ridiculous growth and come up with 5 ideas to achieve it.  Assume anything is possible – utilize magic if necessary.
  10. Create study curriculum for teaching brainstorming to kids (including high-schoolers)
  11. Learn how to make early-stage investments in local tech startups.
  12. Tweet more. Focus on substance in fewer words. Deliver value – people (audience) will naturally gravitate to quality and value.

10 Places I’d Like to Visit

  1. Alaska – Homer to  be exact. Although Sadie Cove looks interesting too.
    Old Town Homer AK
  2. India – Homestay sounds interesting
  3. Greenland
    Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland
    Photo by Mads Pihl – Visit Greenland
  4. NYC during Christmas

    Credit: gigi_nyc
    2014 Bryant Park – Credit: gigi_nyc
  5. Rural Japan Read How Not to Travel in Japan
  6. Parma, Italy (Ham and Cheese!)
    Parma Italy
  7. Paris
    eiffel-tower-768501_1280 louvre-530058_1280 arc-de-triomphe-517899_1280
  8. China.
    Specifically I’d like to visit rural China – Guilin to be exact

    Li River
    Li River connects Guilin and Yangshuo County – Credit Chensiyuan
  9. Australia I have friends here. I’d visit them, but I’d also like to get into the outback.tree-392068_1280 melbourne-79216_1280 twelve-apostles-302024_1280
  10. Angel Falls – The water fall that was the inspiration for the falls in the movie “Up”.

Less Personal Social Media and Situation Context Detection

10 Tech Ideas

  1. Given enough live video feeds (Periscope are you listening?) a person could “walk” around an event switching from stream to stream.  Even better would be if it wasn’t just switching streams but actually 3D transitioning between streams – literally walking around the 3D space.
  2. Less personal social media. This expands our world view – Much of social media is bragging. Instead, enlighten me, enrich my day, educate me, but don’t brag about your kid, dog, or food.
  3. Facial recognition, body language, facial expression recognition. Situation context detection – piped into social media upon user defined triggers.
  4. Video demographic metric collection – clothing brand detection, clothing style detection, car detection (from parking lot). Age and gender detection.  For brick and mortar stores this would offer an interesting data stream about their customers.  Could update offers in real time in store.
  5. Theft detection, loss prevention using real time video feeds and body language detection (from #3) stores could intervene before a crime takes place.
  6. Video and smoke detectors to monitor quality of pizza in oven. Speed up, slow down conveyor.  Crust bubble alarm. Utilize as many sensors as possible – does food off-gas as it cooks? Measure it.
  7. Technology (SAAS) company that specializes in the ultimate in privacy – corporate shielding of average citizens for super cheap.  LLC? All aspects automated.
  8. SAAS company that APIs life.  All of it. Life metrics
  9. SAAS company that provides market flattening technology generically. Everybody wins when a vertical market removes middle men and becomes more honest.
  10.  Gamify tech ideation. Create tools (website) for collaborative brainstorming.