Time Machine

by Tim Gallagher, 10/24/2018

If I could build a time machine, I would go back in time
Over and over, to spend more time with you – you are sublime
Time is cruel, the cruelest for stealing you away from me
And me away from you, you know it’s true – time is mean

Maybe I don’t need a time machine, maybe what I want is a rewind
Not a do-over, but a do-again, because, darling, let me remind
I love you, I do, I will, I would, I hope to a whole bunch more
But we don’t get either, so let’s value today, tomorrow, before

Before I… before you… well, let’s not talk about that yet
Because it chokes me up. We have our memories, don’t forget
But the best is yet to come. It has to be, because we love each other
So grab your paintbrush and meet me at the canvas we get to cover

With colors bold and bright and as brave as our love and blueprinted by God above
Let’s paint a picture with our words, brushes and love, with no push, with no shove
Because I’m for you, because you’re for me, because together us are for our “we”
We’re on display, for all to see, like it or not, so let’s shine and let’s be

Brilliant and pointing the way toward the One who showed us what love is
By giving up His life and laying it down unreservedly for His beloveds
So, Lydia today is the day, tomorrow is the day, until the day I die
I promise to be the best man I know how to be – raindrops in my sky

Above all, I’m glad for what you were, what you are and what we are together
For richer or poorer, houseless or housed, Sicker or better, through all kinds of weather
We are madly, irrevocably, no u-turns allowed, steak-dinner rich, sugar candy sweet
Ridiculously, meticulously, unambiguslously, serendipitously, completely in love


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