COMET Update – Iframes block AJAX

AJAX and COMET do not peacefully co-exist.

You’ve been warned.

While the COMET iframe is loading, no ajax calls will complete – the ajax calls are blocked by the loading iframe.


  1. Remove ajax from the page
  2. have the code that initiates ajax calls suspend the comet and re-initialize it after the ajax is done
  3. Change to web sockets – that’s where I’m heading.

An obvious JavaScript problem with solution (jQuery)

Today I was working with jQuery in a JavaScript file, and jQuery kept coughing up a strange error that was puzzling.

elem.nodeName is undefined

Inspecting the backtrace in firebug led me to this line

$( 'td.qty_sel :input' ).live( 'change', ns.viewModel().qtyChange() );

Seasoned JavaScript developers will probably spot the problem immediately, but it took me some time (and a developer friend) to figure it out.

He said, “because your function is not a function reference, it’s a function call

A few seconds and a corrected script later and it was working.

$( 'td.qty_sel :input' ).live( 'change', ns.viewModel().qtyChange );

Take away:

  1. When referencing existing functions in a jQuery event handler, don’t call the function  (duh) – remove the parens (duh).


jQuery Integer Only Text Inputs using qTip for notification

I needed a great, unobtrusive way to notify a web site visitor that they can only enter whole numbers into fields on a web form. This is the JavaScript I came up with using jQuery and qTip  This is easily modified to support numeric characters of any sort – decimal points, commas, whatever you want.  It does not enforce any particular rules – it is primarily a keystroke filter.

I allow numbers and navigation keys, but disallow everything else. The code is documented inline.

Please don’t forget that if you use this to not rely on it for anything except relieving user frustration. You should always do server side validation as well

And this is the way it looks in my project:


One thing I should note: I’m using this together with Knockout.js  without any weird side effects – they are working nicely together.

    $('input.intOnly' ).live( 'paste',
        // we could loop across the value and validate it, but I'm too lazy

    $("input.intOnly").live( 'blur',
    function( event )

    $("input.intOnly").live( 'keydown',
    function( event )
        if (
            event.keyCode == 46  || // delete
            event.keyCode == 8   || // backspace
            event.keyCode == 9   || // tab
            event.keyCode == 224 || // command key on mac
            event.keyCode == 18  || // alt key
            event.keyCode == 16  || // shift key
            event.keyCode == 17  || // control key
            ( event.keyCode >= 48 && event.keyCode <= 57  ) || // numbers
            ( event.keyCode >= 96 && event.keyCode <= 105 ) || // numeric keypad
            ( event.keyCode >= 37 && event.keyCode <= 40  )    // arrow keys
            content: 'Only whole numbers are allowed.',
            show: { ready: true },
            hide: { fixed: true, delay: 100000 }