Open Source Franchises, Loans Without Limits, How to be a Man

  1. Open Source Franchises.  Business in a box.  Open Source.  Have maintainers just like software.  This could create  a service ecosystem around it just like open source software.
  2. Crowd funded loans without limits.  each participant can set dollar amount, interest rate and payback time. Aggregate each participant’s money into a single offer.  Credit checks and income verification will be needed based on amount.
  3. Used item valuation guide. Crunch data from Craigslist, eBay and Amazon (and others – needs research).
  4. Charging Cords that don’t break.  I’m amazed there hasn’t been a class action lawsuit about this.  Seriously, Apple – $20 cord that lasts 6-18 months max?  That’s immoral.
  5. Ebook idea: Youtube skits for kids.
  6. Ebook idea: Wood Pallet Deck Furniture
  7. Ebook idea: how to run an AirBNB or VRBO through sub lease
  8. Ebook idea: how to cut your kids’ hair and make it not look like it.
  9. Ebook idea: How to be your own computer tech support – common problems and fixes – save hundreds.
  10. Ebook idea: How to shave, wear a suit, tie a necktie and other lost manly arts.

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