Sriracha Vanilla Ice Cream, Minecraft, Coffee, Home Organization

  1. Why can’t coffee taste like it smells when grinding?
  2. Why is cold brew coffee so expensive?
  3. Why is home organization so hard?
  4. Why is smart home / home automation so expensive?
  5. Why have products gotten so crappy?
  6. Why are high efficiency washing machines so loud and raucous when they spin out?
  7. Bluetooth doorbell.
  8. Ebook idea: How to teach kids to write business plans.
  9. Minecraft killer. Something that is more fun and where users actually create value while playing.  Teaches coding?
  10. Sriracha Vanilla Ice Cream
  11. Super modular computer – upgrade/expand easily.  Multi system architecture – possibly use Facebook Open Compute project designs.

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