4 Day Work Week, Self Driving Cars, BioTech, Biscuits and Gravy

  1. Furnace Filter that measures pressure on high and low side and calculates efficiency/capacity/how clogged.  communicates over wifi.
  2. Make an outline of my life – write life story (thus far).
  3. 4 day work week.
  4. Biscuits and Gravy Drive Through – everything homemade.  Primary ingredients: love and real butter.
  5. Self driving cars.  NOW! Need to brainstorm the path forward. Legislation, public perception
  6. Artificial Intelligence: Movie Script Writing
  7. Party Cups that glow green when picked up by it’s owner – using nano bio tech.
  8. Auto regenerating Air Freshener made with biotech.
  9. Wind up swing pusher for lazy parents.  Wind it up and it will give your kid a boost on the backyard swingset.
  10. Party cup set – all unique styles or with unique, yet memorable numbers.  Could prove problematic with alcohol, but if you’re that drunk you won’t care if you grab the wrong cup.

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