A Much Better Ikea, Wifi Lightswitch, Fair Printer Ink and Toner

  1. A better “take and bake” pizza.   Better crust, better sauce.  Seriously high quality ingredients.  I’m so tired of crappy pizza that looks amazing.  I’d rather it look like poo and taste amazing.
  2. A better pillow.  Grease proof, comfy.  Adjustable kit with extra stuffing.
  3. A better light switch.  Auto shutoff with timers. Wifi or bluetooth enabled. Log on/off and plot usage over time.
  4. A better bunk bed. Worry free design to prevent roll-offs.  Modular design for easy assembly.
  5. A much better Ikea. Better design tools that help you plan a solution for a space.  More modularity across entire product line.  Everything is interlocking and interchangeable.  Better store layout.  Don’t herd me like a cow.
  6. A better recliner with a sturdy frame and beefy mechanism.  Should not clunk or creak.  Ball bearings.
  7. Bed-side lamp with USB ports built in for charging.
  8. Better bedtime books.  I’m so tired of reading Disney Princess Books.
  9. A better computer printer. “Fair Printer”  Fair Printer would sell printers and ink/toner for a reasonable profit.  The information needed to allow 3rd party providers of ink and toner would be open source – free for anyone.
  10. Spicy food meter – detects amount of heat in food.

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