Gutter Glogger, Pavlovs, Meetups and Family Game Night

  1. Gutter cleaning pole – “The Gutter Glogger – The  taller gutter de-clogger” Prototype – painting extension pole with paintbrush clamp.  Garden trowel, stick, garden hose.
  2. Develop Brain Storming Curriculum to be used in a mentoring or one-on-one environment (think tutoring or home schooling).
    Brainstorming meetups – small groups get together to create idea lists.  Individual members can request help with specific topics.
  3. Trunk Club for Men AND boys – father’s and sons.  Dad and son have matching outfits.
  4. SAAS Contract Boilerplate Generator – get rid of crappy outdated technical contract language.
  5. Bi-Weekly Income Planner vs. monthly or 1st/15th bills.  26 pay periods vs 12 or 24.
  6. Homemade dessert education network.  Works to educate restauranteurs to stop serving crappy assembly line desserts from their food service vendor.
    Homemade Dessert
  7. Write an ebook about the moral obligation we have to those around us regarding money and not enabling theft.
  8. Bedtime Pavlovs – some sort of automatic ritual device – bells, lights, that helps kids not connect bedtime to daylight.
  9. Family Organizing.  No one is doing family calendars / organization well.  Sharing is too complicated, notifications need to be scoped to avoid members.  Families grow up – have a plan for account splitting,
  10. Plan a family game night.  Learn more card games. Board Games.  Create a fun calendar. Vote on activities to do on designated “fun nights”
  11. Hold a family meeting to set vision, mission and values for the family.

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