Cardboard Signs, Machine Learning, Business Tourism and Mom

  1. Stop and talk to someone holding a cardboard sign asking for help. Find a way to permanently help them.
  2. Meet as many interesting people and as many money people as possible.  Make connections between groups – expect nothing in return.
  3. Website for ideas  “” (available as of this writing) – ideas are currency.  Trade them – pay an idea to get an idea.  Machine Learning used to ensure quality.
  4. Make a better linked in – more personal, more results oriented rather than clubbish. Focus on legitimate relationship links and accomplishments.
  5. Recency is relevancy – interaction (including commerce) metrics, in a temporal context (I have the domain name… let’s talk)
  6. Make a better facebook.  More privacy, more ads, no sharing.  User is not a product.
  7. Make homemade BBQ sauce
  8. Write a book full of amusing things my kids say
  9. Business tourism – what is it like to spend a day with an employee from a major corporation? Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc.
  10. Talk mom into writing about her childhood and life – sell it on Amazon.

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