Ideas for Improving Tech Startup Speed to Market

  1. More open collaboration between big players. Big players does not necessarily mean companies.  I’m thinking programming language creators, library writers and platforms.  People like: Bjarne Stroustrup,  Guido van Rossum,  Simon Peyton Jones,  Philip Wadler,  James Gosling,  Martin Odersky,  John ResigIsaac Z. Schlueter, These Guys, DHHChris Wanstrath, Linus, AWS, Docker, Vagrant,  This list could be huge.  If you’d like to add to it, please comment.
  2. More open source released from incumbents and startups. Let’s stop solving the same micro-problems over and over. If you’re using, you need to be giving back.
  3. SAAS to support startups. API common web app needs: membership, subscriptions, accounting, legal – basically create a tech startup business in a box erector set or Lego style.
  4. Startup U. Worry about accreditation later. This is education for entrepreneurs and founders.  Focus on practical approaches to launch – level playing field.
  5. Create a foundation to focus on human-scale solutions for the betterment of humanity. This foundation produces white papers and a knowledge base that founders of tech startups can tap as needed.
  6. More cilantro. It makes everything better.
  7. Move beyond agile and into hourly iterations/releases.
  8. Move fast but don’t break things. Breaking things saps our energy. Let’s figure out ways to decrease defect rate while at the same time increasing release rate.
  9. Break mental models apart.  Deconstruct them. Require value from every stage of all processes.
  10. Less iPhone more flip phone.

Less Personal Social Media and Situation Context Detection

10 Tech Ideas

  1. Given enough live video feeds (Periscope are you listening?) a person could “walk” around an event switching from stream to stream.  Even better would be if it wasn’t just switching streams but actually 3D transitioning between streams – literally walking around the 3D space.
  2. Less personal social media. This expands our world view – Much of social media is bragging. Instead, enlighten me, enrich my day, educate me, but don’t brag about your kid, dog, or food.
  3. Facial recognition, body language, facial expression recognition. Situation context detection – piped into social media upon user defined triggers.
  4. Video demographic metric collection – clothing brand detection, clothing style detection, car detection (from parking lot). Age and gender detection.  For brick and mortar stores this would offer an interesting data stream about their customers.  Could update offers in real time in store.
  5. Theft detection, loss prevention using real time video feeds and body language detection (from #3) stores could intervene before a crime takes place.
  6. Video and smoke detectors to monitor quality of pizza in oven. Speed up, slow down conveyor.  Crust bubble alarm. Utilize as many sensors as possible – does food off-gas as it cooks? Measure it.
  7. Technology (SAAS) company that specializes in the ultimate in privacy – corporate shielding of average citizens for super cheap.  LLC? All aspects automated.
  8. SAAS company that APIs life.  All of it. Life metrics
  9. SAAS company that provides market flattening technology generically. Everybody wins when a vertical market removes middle men and becomes more honest.
  10.  Gamify tech ideation. Create tools (website) for collaborative brainstorming.